Physics of Biomaterials

Wood Physics

  • Mechanical properties and fracture mechanism of structural biomaterials
  • Water and vapor permeability of wood and wood-based materials
  • Quality improvement of resonance board for musical instrument
Wood Based Materials and Timber Engineering

Wood Based Materials and Timber Engineering

  • Dynamic analysis and structural performance of timber construction
  • Development of new wood-based materials and processing
  • Environmental impact of wooden housing and recycling of wood resources
Paper Science

Paper Science

  • Interaction of base paper and coated layers
  • Colorimetric analysis of paper and printed image
  • Chemical and physical interactions between pulp fibers and wet-end additives
Forest Chemistry

Forest Chemistry

  • Propagation and differentiation in cell cultures of woody plants
  • Induction of secondary products in cell cultures of woody plants
  • Biotransformation of biomass to useful metabolites by microorganism
Wood Chemistry

Wood Chemistry

  • Synthesis of functional cellulose derivatives
  • Development of pollution free pulping and bleaching technology
  • Structural analysis of cell wall components
Science of Polymeric Materials

Science of Polymeric Materials

  • Synthesis of novel bio-based and biodegradable polymers
  • High-performance plastics from natural and unnatural polysaccharides
  • Structure analysis and characterization of ecofriendly polymers
Cellulose Science

Adhesion Science and Bio-composites

  • Structure and physical properties of adhesives and adhesive performances
Asian Natural Science Environmental Center

Sustainable Material Design

  • Material and structural design for sustainable materials
  • Asian forest resource utilization technology
  • Study of wood biomass flow in sustainable recycle-oriented society
Cellulose Chemistry

Cellulose Chemistry

  • SEC/MALLS/RI analysis of cellulose and other polymers
  • Mechanism of xylem formation, analyzed by NanoSIMS
  • Preparation and characterization of nanocellulose/polymer composites
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  • セルロース化学研究室
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